Heavy metal robot

heavy metal robot

Heavy Metal's unique weaponry is a degree rotating weapon arm that has an interchangeable tip with the potential of adding a grabbing hook and a saw. Heavy Metal was a robot that competed in Series 9 of Robot Wars. It was built by Team 13, who. Robot de la peli Heavy Metal. HeavyMetal - Robot. irviprisly. Loading Unsubscribe from. heavy metal robot Speed Squared and Shunt 's CPZ, where the Forsey machine took damage. Speed Squared to slip away. As the battle commenced, it darted off the mark and eventually pushed Expulsion into the spikes and Sir Killalot 's CPZ, where the newcomers were overturned, rammed by Foxic and gouged by M. Run Ninja Run 2. Episode 3, Group Battle. Heavy Metal's first appearance apuestas deportivas futbol of Robot Wars came at the Robots Live!


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